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Tom Till

Tom Till has been photographing landscape, nature, history and travel subjects worldwide for nearly 50 years. His publishing credits include most magazines, many newspapers, and hundreds of books; over 30 of which included only his images. In 2008, his photographs of UNESCO World Heritage sites have been displayed in a traveling exhibit worldwide; and his images are on permanent display is many U.S. consulates around the globe. The North American Nature Photography Association named him a Fellow in 2006, the only Utahn to receive the honor. His latest book, Photographing the World, won a Ben Franklin award in 2013.

The Tom Till Gallery in Moab, Utah, is the premier photo gallery based on the Colorado Plateau. Till has been called one of the "Lords of Landscape Photography" by Outdoor Photographer Magazine and one of America's top 10 landscape photographers by Nature's Best Magazine. He was featured in the book World's Best Landscape Photographers and was one of 10 photographers in a new Chinese published book about American Landscape Photographers. Many of Till's images have been used by environmental groups, and he has won awards for his contributions. Till is a rock and roll, movie, and Denver Broncos™ fan who enjoys hosting photography tours. He lives in Moab, Utah with his wife.

Tom Till Gallery


Bryan Haile

Professional Photographer Bryan Haile joined Tom Till Tours as a guide in 2016. He is an expert in desert landscape photography with a special focus on astrophotography.

“I started photography when I was at 12, using a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. But during that time I didn’t know my creative side in photography. I have the power to see the beauty. Now I feel really lucky because my hobby is my profession.

Picking up a camera gives me an opportunity to preserve a specific vision to share with others. Ultimately, a well captured image represents a moment in time with infinite expression. The beauty of Moab and the surrounding area motivates me to get on the trail and capture it.

I began photographing the Colorado, Utah and New Mexico landscape on film in 1993. I have been shooting Nikon Professional DSLR’s since 2004. For 10 years my specialty was taking pictures of people. My goal, to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people in portraits, weddings and other celebrations. Today, I live in Moab, and enjoy sharing my photography knowledge with our visitors.

I always shoot in RAW and in manual or aperture mode. All of my post-processing is done in both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Life is really busy, but I enjoy exploring, hiking, playing guitar and hanging out with friends in my free time.”

If you want to know more about Bryan, visit his on-line at


What They Say

Tom Till delivered as promised and more!

Moab is a photographer's paradise and Tom took me to the best places at the best times! The one-on-one instructions from Tom was invaluable. As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, Tom took my skills to the next level.

– Marie A, MI -

Awesome photography tour!!

We had the BEST TIME with Bryan ... he took us to see and photograph things we could never have seen on our own. He took over the top efforts to be sure we learned how to take the best shots and the techniques to do it. We did day shots, sunset shots and even.night shots of the stars! He shared so much of his knowledge about not only photography, but about Moab and ruins, and rock art. This was definitely a highlight of our trip! I hope I get to do this again!

– KBudz

I felt honored to learn from a Master Photographer

We were lucky enough to connect with Tom Till while we were in Moab. He escorted us to Mesa Arch for a sunrise photo session. When we got there 3 other people were standing in the wrong spot and he helped them get better situated. He assisted me in framing the scene. Then on the way back he suggested several other specific outlooks for me to visit. Very enjoyable. Personal instruction. Four large photos by him were hanging in our hotel suite and others decorated the rest of the hotel.

- Linda R., CA

We’ll be back for sure.

I had a thoroughly wonderful time on a sunrise guided photography trip with Bryan Haile. We went out to some areas I didn’t know anything about and took some spectacular photos. Bryan also shared with me his incredible depth of historical knowledge of the indigenous ancient people of the area and we saw lots of examples of their canyon wall art. In addition Bryan was wonderful company and a really nice guy.

– Sonja Dobbs, TX

Booking the tour with Tom worked out excellent in two fronts.

Firstly from the outset Tom made sure that he provided professional input to help me develop my photography skills in the areas that I wanted. I always felt Tom was open in sharing his vast knowledge and experience in a positive and easy to follow manner.

Secondly arriving in Moab for a short period of time the choice for photography is overwhelming as to what/where to shoot. Tom's vast knowledge and experience of the area ensured that he brought me to locations that were optimal for the prevailing light conditions for my trip. On the days I was there, there was some cloud cover at times but Tom's experience for the area meant I got some truly amazing shots as he knew the areas to work in where the light was better for the conditions.

I had 1 1/2 days with Tom and for the remainder of the time in Moab, Tom was forthcoming with a list of ideas for other sunrise/sunset to shoot as well as advice/tips for when I got there.

– Abbyview, Ireland

Highly recommend!

I spent a full day with Bryan shooting sunrise, sunset, Milky Way and star trails. He picked me up at my hotel and took us to the right spots for the shot. On top of guiding, he was helpful all day with techniques and gear. I learned a lot about the local area and improved my photography skills by spending the day with him. And definitely got several breathtaking images... a truly awesome day! Highly recommend!

- Jeff G.